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It has been a long time since I updated this journal.

So I thought I would today. I no longer work at Future Shop, I quit 2 months ago. I now work for Bravenet Web Services.

I am a support technician there, and I deal with all of the Web Hosting and Domain problems.

It is much better than Future Shop, more money, and less stress and responsibility. I was working WAY more hours at Future Shop, and managing their inventory. Now I work 9-5 mon-fri, and make more money!

Me and Chelsea are getting married in February. We are planning a semi-small wedding that will be mainly family and close friends. We will then have a larger reception after the ceremony.

We have moved back to Parksville from Nanaimo. I love it here, it is way more peaceful, and not as busy. Big cities suck (yes I know 75,000 people is not a big city). And since I work in Parksville, good reason to live here too =)

Well that is all I have for now!
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Palm Being Shipped.... Again

So I bought a palm, and it was "shipped via USPS" and ummm 2 1/2 weeks later, I don't have it.

So, now he is going to ship via UPS and it is another palm. He better get it here this time dammit!

I had to send him $15 to cover the cost of the shipping. Well whatever, if I get the palm, I am happy!
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Gotta love the internet.

So my online company has been doing fairly well lately. But I am long away from the "quit work and work from home" stage. But what I do bring in helps quite a bit.

It's extra money, and I invest alot back into the company. I have currently spent $0 of my own money to run the company. I got the script for free, and I ran it off an old domain of mine.

Then when I made some money with it, I purchased a domain and moved it to a new hosting company.

So all in all, it is working out.

I am one evil person. I display pop-ups on my pages, and then I have a banner that says "Tired of those annoying pop-ups, get rid of them! Click here!" And LOTS of people click, and LOTS of people buy the software, which makes me $10 each time they do! >=)

Gotta love the mlm industry! =)
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I bought a palm from the US 2 weeks ago. I still have not received it.... I am gonna freak!!!
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I'm getting a raise? And a promotion?

I walk into my bosses office this morning, and he starts talking to me about some stuff I am working on.

And then after he looks at me and says,"You need a new shirt."
I said "Yeah this one is getting a little worn out, but Shelly won't let me have a new one."
then he hands me the keys and says, "Go get one, and just don't tell Shelly"

I start to walk out of the room, and he says, "Because I am going to be moving you up and giving you more money, so you need to look the part, you have been acting the part, but you need to look it as well."

I guess I kinda looked at him with a blank face. And then he said, "I am not trying to insult you or anything, it was just some advise."
I responded, "I wasn't taking it as an insult."
He then said, "You know what I mean anyways."
I said, "I am pretty sure I do"

And I walked out of the room

The girl right now who has the head CSR (Customer Service Rep) position is going back to school, so she is going to part time. So I figure this is the position he has me planned for. I am working towards becoming a Customer Service Manager and he knows that. And this position is one down from that one.

Joshua (my manager) always makes his decisions and has meeting with people on Friday, usually late afternoon - early evening. That way he can announce it to everyone at the Saturday morning meeting, and it is still news, not just common knowledge.

So I think he is going to have a meeting with me tommorrow, and he is just hinting to me. But who knows....
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Website booming!

Well it seems my online buisness is booming! I am going to be moving it over to a bigger and faster server this week. This will be alot of work, but I think it will be worth in in $.

I have currently made over $250 on the site total!

I'll keep you all up to date!

Back from camping

Well I went camping for the weekend with Chelsea's family. It was her annual family reunion. Besides her brother being an ass (like he always is) it was a good weekend. I don't have to work until Wednesday, so I get to sit here like a bum all day!

When I came home last night, my website had made more money! And then about 20 mins after I started responding to e-mails and stuff, it made MORE money! I got to camp all weekend, and meanwhile, my website took in close to $200! =P

Well time to go exploit some more mlm morons!
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Well it is 1:31 AM, Chelsea left for the pub at 10:30 PM, and she said she wasn't gonna be very long, probably like an hour.

Should I start to worry? Hmmm.....
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